Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework (VDCF)

VDCF is a platform management framework for the Solaris Operating System. VDCF allows to deploy, operate, migrate, secure and monitor a virtualized data center based on Solaris 10 and 11 Zones (Containers) and/or Logical Domains controlled by a centralized management server. Using VDCF you can easily combine both virtualization technologies to get the most flexibility and benefit for your agile Enterprise Grade Private Cloud environment.

On a central management server you create definitions and configurations, which are stored in the Configuration Repository. This information is then used by VDCF to populate physical servers with a Solaris build from which virtual servers or Logical Domains are created. Then VDCF is used to manage the whole life cycle of these objects: create, migrate, detach/attach, start/stop, patch, compare, monitor, secure, disaster recovery, automated software deployment, …
VDCF helps to safe time, deploy faster, avoid errors and build a standardized Environment.

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Getting started

Efficient Virtualization of Oracle Solaris (LDoms/Zones)

Manage Solaris 11 IPS Repositories

Installing a Solaris 11 LDOM

LDOM live migration


Presentations about Solaris and VDCF:

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VDCF Product Documentation

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Blueprints explain a VDCF feature in detail including samples.

Free VDCF Blueprints

Software Deployment (08/2014) – Automated Software install and update

VDCF Blueprints for Users with VDCF commercial license

Disaster Recovery (10/2013) — Disaster Recovery Procedures for Solaris Zones
Dataset Migration (08/2009) — Migrate/Assign a Dataset to another vServer
Disk Migration (07/2009) — Disk Migration using Mirror Technology

Customer satisfaction survey

Results of the VDCF customer satisfaction survey (Dec 2011)